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   The Association of Fish Products Producers BG Fish (AFPP BG Fish) is non-governmental organization of leading Bulgarian fish producing and processing companies. The AFPP BG Fish was established on 29 June 2002.

   The members of the AFPP BG Fish are 29 companies which hold significant market share in the domestic market, and are the major Bulgarian producers, processors, exporters and importers of fish and fishery products. The member companiesí activities cover all major aspects of the fishery business: Black Sea and Inland fishing, aquaculture production, processing, export (fish and fishery products mainly to the European Union and Japan, and caviar mainly to the USA), import, marketing, distribution, etc.

   At present, in Bulgaria there are only 4 companies licensed to export fish and fishery products to the European Union countries and all of them are members of the AFPP-BG Fish.

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